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Looking for some inspiring holiday reading?

I work from the philosophy that it's faster, easier and cheaper to learn from the mistakes and insights of others rather than learning everything the hard way by myself!  As a result I read around a book a week! Here's my top picks from 2008.... in no particular order!

Make it Big!  - Frank McKinney
Simple, straightforward roadmap for achieving what you really want in your life - read it and become more productive, more vision focused and more truly yourself.

Prosperity Consciousness - Chutisa & Steven Bowman
A new perspective on prosperity - forget the recession and immerse yourself in this groundbreaking book instead.

The 4 Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss

Look at your work from a completely new point of view!  Your vision may take a little more than 4 hours a week to achieve, but if you save a few hours, you'll get closer to your vision faster.

The Artist Within - Julia Cameron
It wasn't written as a business book, but if you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed or lacking in creative ideas, then this book will save your life and your business! Probably my #1 favourite for the year...

Ready, Fire, Aim - Michael Masterson
One of the best 'business basics' books I've ever read - it focuses on the essentials of how to make money, as fast as you want! No matter what level your business is at, this book will help you take it to the next level.

Made to Stick - Chip & Dan Heath
These guys are the 'idea gurus' - if you want to delve into viral marketing, word of mouth marketing or any activity that relies on a really amazing idea, then this book will give you the anatomy of sticky ideas!

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within - Michael Gerber

Great if you are still developing your grand vision!

Enjoy your holiday reading!  Speaking of which, Revive Coaching will be closed between 22 December and 2 January.  I hope you have a lovely summer break!


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