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Business Plan or Doorstopper?

This week I spent 6 hours and completed my business plan for the year.  Unlike many small business owners, I find this document invaluable (and not as a doorstopper either!!) and here's why:

  • My business plan is less than 5 pages, but provides a comprehensive roadmap of where my business is headed for the year.
  • The key strategy page is posted on my wall and used daily to measure productivity against goals.
  • All new marketing and joint venture opportunities can now be pushed through this 'strategic sieve' to see if they'll bring me closer to or further away from my strategic objectives.
  • It encompasses my business model and highlights key product development opportunities.
  • The monthly results data keeps me firmly focused on profitability and other key measures which will create profitability!
Do you have a business plan that can achieve all this and more for your business?  If not, you may want to consider participating in the Revive Business Coaching hands-on 'Business Planning Workshop'.  Just register your interest on our contact form, including 'Business Plan Workshop' as the topic and I'll be in touch with a date as soon as I can.  It will be a half day Business Planning Workshop in Brisbane towards the end of January or in early February.

I promise you'll leave the workshop with your business plan well underway and you won't need to use it as a doorstopper or dust collector!!

What would it take for your business to be phenomenal in 2009?

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