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Where do your brilliant business ideas come from?

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As a small business owner, once you ‘shut up shop’ for the day do you also shut off thinking about your business?  I find my best ideas come when I’m not doing anything connected with work… I went to Riverfire and the Brisbane Writers Festival on the weekend – a few hours chilling out and five new and amazing business ideas landed in my ideas notebook!  

So, how exactly does that happen?  Most essentially, I am a keen observer, always looking for creative opportunities in unexpected places.  When I see a possible opportunity, I start asking questions… lots of them… until I find an idea that gives me tingles.  Here’s a few questions you can ask when you are out and about…

  • Is anyone here in my target audience?  If so, what would it take for my business to get access to them at an event like this?
  • What would make this audience want to know more about my business?
  • Are there any unmet needs here that my business could fulfil?
  • Are there any existing but underutilized resources here that I could leverage?
  • What business ideas are beyond what I can imagine is possible? What would it take to make these ideas possible?
What other questions do you use to discover creative and  profitable ideas for your business?

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