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Change: Do You Love It or Fear It?


I love working for myself.  It allows me to change anything instantaneously.  And being just a little ADD/ADHD, that desire for constant change is rather well fed!  The funny thing is, I thought about working for myself for 20 years before I finally took the leap!  And while I value the interesting experiences I created in the corporate world, it would have been much kinder to me to have made that change a lot sooner! 

Most of us have learned to fear change and especially change in business.  The media has fed us a lot of stories about how bad and wrong change is.  What if it is just change?  Some of the best changes I have ever made have come from the places in my life that weren’t working.  And one of the biggest and most amazing changes came when I was willing to totally change something I loved, that was working well!  What is it you are unwilling to change because you think you have the answer?  What if there could be a greater possibility?

When we embrace change in business, we open up to grander and  more abundant choices.  When we are cutting out all of the possibilities for change, we put ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes.  I don’t fix anything, but I change a lot of things, everyday!  And that brings a sense of peace, ease and joy into my business.

Australia has one of the most robust economies in the world right now, but we are too busy complaining about what has changed 'for the worse' to even notice how fortunate we are.  What if you asked ‘How else could I take advantage of this?’ rather than worrying about what used to be?  

Would you be willing to start each day looking at what you could create different, rather than how you could keep everything the same as it was?  When we operate from a space of possibility, choice and awareness, everything can become greater.  When we operate from a space of stuckness and limitation we simply create more of the same.   Oops – we’re cute, but not always bright.

Can you see why I love change so much?

Over the past 4 years I have learned so much about creating change with ease.  The tools I use come from Access Consciousness™ - these tools are pragmatic and they create the possibility of instant change – with anything!  I have just enjoyed three luscious days of Access bodywork and WOW!  My body feels beyond amazing... and that is creating a flow in my work that is also far beyond what I have ever had before! If I had not been willing to find out what else would make my body feel good beyond massage, I wouldn't have the space, presence and joy that is in my body right now... it's just another change!

Interestingly bodywork creates just as much change for me in my business as the verbal tools that I teach my business coaching clients! This morning I am seeing everything in my business with fresh eyes.  There is even more ease than before and I am totally excited about what else I can create!   How does it get even better than that?

If you would like to explore the magic of change for you, your life and business, I am offering introductory Access Consciousness™ classes in a couple of weeks.  One of my business loves is facilitating these classes as I see how much more can become possible when we change the points of view that keep us stuck.  These processes are so simple and they work!  What are you choosing?  More of the same or a whole lot more ease and joy?

If you are choosing something different, you may want to come to class!  What if you could change anything and everything with ease?  Would that make your business a whole lot more blissful?

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