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Conscious Business - Stop Talking & Listen!

I was reading James Altucher's insightful post on10 Reasons You're Probably Talking Right Now When You Should Be Silent and it struck me that my list of benefits for stopping talking would be quite different, but the value in being silent cannot be overstated!  So here's five of my favourites... that may just entice you to gift yourself a few more silent moments as you go about your daily business...

1. Stop Sharing Your Stories

By this I don't mean the stories that build culture and brand, but the stories that everyone has heard a million times, the stories that keep you stuck in why you can't, the stories that limit your possibilities.  Stop telling them to anyone that will listen and go create some new ones that create new choices for your business, your team and your customers. 

2. Stop Talking AT Your Customers

You know what I mean, you've seen their eyes glaze over while they wait for you to take a breath... you need to stop talking at them and start listening...what if what they have to say could triple your profits?  Would you be willing to listen instead of talk then?  (Same goes for your business coach... tell the shortest story you can, ask a question or two then listen!  You'll triple your awareness and quite possibly your profits ;)

3. Make Space for the Silence

Our being requires peace, our ego-brain requires constant stimulation.  All of us are over-stimulated.  When we take the time to disengage from the grid for an hour, a day or a weekend the silences create new awarenesses in our universe.  By taking a notepad into the bush I wrote a speech in less than an hour last week... simply magic - and something that would never have showed up with such ease and simplicity if I had tried to write at the computer with its million and one shiny distractions... Make space for the silence.  When we listen our inner essence tells us all we need to know.

4.  Stop Filling in the Gaps

So many of us rush to fill the gaps with words... instead we could allow that job interview candidate to tell us the thing we really need to know about them... we could allow that customer to thank us and to actually receive their gratitude without filling the space with words... we could gift someone some silent space to engage with what we have just said to them, rather than rushing onto the next oh so important point (from our own limited perspective anyway)...

5. Stop Making Excuses

You know the head chatter that endlessly gives us the 'shoulda, coulda, woulda' list of excuses, reasons and justifications for why we aren't where we want to be.  If we silence the head chatter and the verbal stream of (un)consciousness that constantly tells us all the ways we aren't good enough, can't make it, don't have what it takes, we might just have enough space to see what actually is required to bring our dreams into fruition.  BE first.  DO second.  Only talk if you are asking questions!

Love Your Work!


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Thank you for shooting straight! I agree that sometimes, the best thing to do is just listen. If you just look at it from your perspective, nothing will be gained.

Grow Model Of Coaching / 21-Sep-2011 12:47 PM

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