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Starting a Business - Joy or Passion?

So you want to start a business following your passion? Here’s the thing… passion is what happened when Christ got nailed to the cross… yes, passion is a killer. Passion has limitations! It’s all about what’s sitting on the outside, it’s noisy, its brash, it’s full of movement and doing… and it doesn’t always make you money - there's a lot of convincing others to follow your passion when your business is based on passion.  

I disagree with Gary Vaynerchuk (and a whole lot of other people who say ‘follow your passion and the money will come’)… that’s the field of dreams folks, not the way to business bliss. Joseph Campbell said ‘follow your bliss’… he didn’t say ‘follow your passion’. You might think I'm being picky with words here.  I am.  Words carry distinctive energies and I know which energy I'd rather play with!

That’s because passion has an energy that is about hustle, about pushing, about coming to a conclusion and then trying to make it come true. Passion burns out…it’s doing business the hard way. Is that the platform you want for your business?  So what else is possible?


Building a business that brings you joy has unlimited possibilities. Joy comes from that quiet space within. It’s not dependent on how much money you make. You can simply choose to BE joy… it’s not something you have to do.

When we create our businesses based on joy we create a platform which allows each aspect of joy we create in the business to keep expanding and building. Joy spreads everywhere with ease... because the people you want to work with choose joy... and they share it when they find it!

Joy allows us to reinvent business. To take the path less travelled. To create a business where we can do what we love, in ways that bring us bliss, with people we adore. Joy is a softer and stronger platform for building business bliss.

Joy still requires a business model, it still requires promotion… but take a look at this… Recently a friend introduced me to Sourced Grocer at Teneriffe. Truly, I am in love. These beautiful people have converted an old warehouse into a gourmet grocer flower shop café delight which whispers joy in every detail.

Beautiful produce, delicious snacks, quirky styling… business cards proclaiming ‘local is lovely’… steps and cushions for lounging in the sunshine… great reading material and my most favourite bit of all… a really joyful team – you can feel the vibe as soon as you arrive… people who really love what they are doing…and guess what all of that brings? A steady stream of customers who get the vibe and contribute to the joy… fantastic word of mouth advertising… and heaps of repeat business.


What are you choosing?  To follow your bliss or to follow your passion?? 


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Great post Lisa. I'm choosing to follow my joy. For me it's all about stepping up to joy. Anne x

Anne Aleckson / 04-Oct-2011 09:58 AM

Interesting question Lisa. I was actually talking about this a few weeks ago. When I first started my business I was following my Bliss, enjoying every moment and attracting clients who wanted to also enjoy life. Then I somehow thought that I needed to
get a bit more serious and started to follow my passion. That is when it all stopped! Confused I went for a long walk with my partner Wayne and discussed what could possibly be going on. That is when it hit me ... my Bliss and my Passion have two different
vibrations. When I am in my Bliss then I am giving off that energy, an energy which clients are drawn to. When I am following my passion then the energy vibration is different, more intense and does not attract clients in the same way. Fascinating! This was
a huge aha for me so I went back to my Bliss. Within two days I was back on track. I have realised that for me Bliss is natural and in the present. Passion is more of a long term goal and I will get there through following my Bliss. Thank you Lisa

Kama / 04-Oct-2011 01:15 PM

Oh Kama what a wonderful story... and I'm so glad you were able to make the distinction... it is a lot more subtle than we realise! Gratitude to you for sharing :)

Lisa Murray / 04-Oct-2011 02:16 PM

I agree Lisa, to me as long as your happy with what you choose on the type of business, then there's a great chance to succeed whether you're in a small business. Passion will also comes when your happy with your business and there is that feeling that
your passion accompanies your joy. Might be confusing but to me it it's still the feeling of joy that makes you pursue in the business. Thanks for sharing this! I had a great time reading. More success!

Leo / 15-Oct-2011 03:41 AM

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