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The Confidence Factor: Feeling Like a Fraud?

Many startup business owners confide in me that they feel like a fraud.  They feel like they are pretending in this game of business and one of their motivations for having a business coach is to get more confident in knowing what they are doing.

Then there are other people who take the ‘fake it til you make it’ approach.  Often jumping from strategy to strategy, idea to idea, shiny object to shiny object… hoping desperately that something will work and they’ll become the highly successful business owner they fantasize is possible.

I was enjoying a great conversation on Facebook this week about the differences between ‘acting’ and ‘acting as if’ in business and when it’s okay to fake it.  To me they are two different energies. 

When we act we are being an energy – we are inhabiting a presence that comes from somewhere deep inside of us.  We are being the energy required to have a successful business, even if it feels a little different to our usual persona.  Just like a great actor does in a movie… when you really believe it could be true, that is acting!

When we are ‘acting as if’ we have started on the journey towards acting, but we are still in the zone of pretending we know what we are doing.  Underneath our ‘acting as if’ we still feel a bit like a fraud, we are still feeling like someone is going to find out we don’t have a clue any moment now…  the self-doubt comes to the fore. That’s more like being a C grade actor… everyone knows you are pretending!!

So what’s your strategy?  Are you going to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ or are you ready to embody a presence that makes people sit up straight and take notice of what you are doing?  If you are choosing to have presence, you need an underpinning of knowing (rather than knowledge!).  

This is that sense within yourself that you know intuitively what is right for your business and you are willing to move forward with confidence.  You may not have all of the specific knowledge required (that is where a business coach or mentor comes in), but you do have an innate knowing that you have what it takes and your business is positioned to succeed.

This doesn’t mean you won’t take a few detours along the way – these often take us to places not imagined, but useful in an unexpected way!  There will be tweaks and about turns… new paths and the occasional crash to a stop… None of these things mean you are faking it! Discovery and growth is part of the adventure of being in business!  What will keep you going is that underlying presence that you bring to your adventures.  When you are clear and calm within yourself, so much more is possible!

So would you like to explore the essence of having more presence?  Join us at New Energies of BusinessTM – we are including some coaching hotspots this time… so a great opportunity to ask your questions of people who really understand presence! Bookings and more info at 

Upcoming dates:  30 November 2011 in Brisbane and February 2012 on the Sunshine Coast.

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9 Comment(s)

Another great article Lisa!!!! I relate to this completely. It took years before I felt slightly authentic as a psychologist and even now (over 10 years of being a psych) I may not feel comfortable... more so with some aspects of the profession that do
not embrace an open heart space. I'm still in a process of integrating the aspects of psychology that sit well with me. And then it is only in the last year (six years into my business) that I'm feeling like this feels more "natural". I believe we grow with
our business and our business grows with us. I also built confidence in myself and my businesses through visualization and meditation. Thanks for the great blog, Nessie

Vanessa Bushell / 02-Nov-2011 06:43 AM

Lisa, great post. It reminded me of another saying 'You've got to FAITH it until you make it'. I think this fits here. Anne x

Anne Aleckson / 02-Nov-2011 02:07 PM

I have heard that from several women who you would never guess. It is a common theme and I like the distinctions you make Lisa! Having a coach definitely helps us in feeling more confident! LOVE Debbie Ducic The Happy Housesitter

Debbie Ducic / 05-Nov-2011 09:40 PM

Thanks Vanessa - there is constant personal growth in business... and I do love how the business feeds us as we feed our businesses - it's very generative... I have also seen that nothing ever shows up that we can't work with... sometimes it's about asking
questions and being willing to receive support! Outside of our comfort zones is where the adventure starts! xox Lisa

Lisa Murray / 07-Nov-2011 03:10 PM

Hi Anne - faithing it is an interesting question... for myself I need to distinguish between blind faith, fantasy and what the potentials actually are... in becoming aware of the true potentials I find there is an ease to those adventurous next steps!
Thanks for your thoughts! x Lisa

Lisa Murray / 07-Nov-2011 03:12 PM

Hey Debbie, yes - it's one of those topics that everyone talks quietly about with those they most trust... lots of outwardly successful and confident people sit in that space of self-doubt - the best cure I know is dosing up on awareness and being really
conscious of all possibilities!! Thanks for commenting :) Lisa

Lisa Murray / 07-Nov-2011 03:14 PM

Hey Lisa Some very important points in this post in particular the difference between acting and acting as if. We all tend to forget that we have to start somewhere. Richard Branson didn't start out the brilliant Entrepreneur he is today. I find taking
action is the key, the more action you take, the more feedback you get, the quicker you start to really believe in yourself. Cheers Beanie

Adam Bean / 08-Nov-2011 05:17 PM

Great post Lisa, I can relate to it totally. It really struck a chord with me as I think I am currently somewhere in the middle. It is NOW time to embody my presence, believe in myself and have people starting to sit up and take notice. Thanks for the
kick in the butt. To health, happiness & living the life of your dreams. Dee :)

Dee Britton / 09-Nov-2011 10:45 PM

Discovery and growth is part of the adventure of being in business! Its true.

business coaches / 29-Nov-2011 06:07 AM

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