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The Breakthrough Moment

The breakthrough moment... is that moment when you come up against everything that IS possible... and you either choose it (even if it is REALLY uncomfortable) or you back away, hiding amongst the excuses that have kept you from going beyond it in the past.

How many times have you almost got there, only to stop yourself?  Is it time to stop it... or do you love stopping you?

Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

“I know I can do this, but before I do, I just need to.....(insert big thing that is your current ‘unsolvable obstacle’ here).....”

“I would love to do this, but I’m just going to..... (insert small, unimportant list of busy work here).....”

“I am procrastinating because I am not ready, I need to learn..... (insert your personal ‘less than’ comparison to as many guru’s in your industry as you can find here).....”

“I know this is really important, but I have to do my client work first... (insert long list of client work and excuses for not working ON your business here).....”

“I can’t. I am afraid of..... (insert your favourite set of fears and doubts that you use to distract yourself from moving forward here).....”

I have coached hundreds of people in getting over the personal limitation that is stopping them from breaking through to creating what they truly desire - in business and beyond.

And here’s the thing... it's never about needing more, learning more or doing more or waiting for something else to show up first. It's always about BEING more! 

Sound crazy?  Here’s how it works. How many people do you know who are ‘wasting their potential’?  You know it, everyone around them knows it, in most cases they know it too.  And they are as frustrated as hell about it.

If this is you, there is a really simple solution.  You make the demand of yourself that this changes NOW.  That you aren’t going to listen to your brilliant but oh so limiting excuses anymore.  You are going to take the action that will move you forward in leaps and bounds, rather than going round in circles. 

And then you do it.  Not from the space of doubt, lack or fear; but from the space of “I’m kick-ass and I’m going to rock this!  What do I need to be or do different that will allow me to create this with ease?” Notice that being this energy puts a totally different spin on what’s possible?

That’s what I’m talking about when I say BE more.  The truth is, you don’t need to be anything other than what you truly be.  If you stop ‘wasting your potential’ you’ll make a much greater demand of yourself to deliver beyond your excuses.  

You are ready.  There is no better time.  You know enough.  You are more than enough. Go be everything you can be!  Your life (and business) will have so much more ease when you embrace and acknowledge your true capacities rather than pretending they don’t exist.  What could you play with today, that would change all possibilities with ease?  It takes courage.  And it's SO worth it!

How do I know what to do with this particular entrepreneurs dilemma?  I’ve been there - stopping myself by most of the options above and then some... and I’m not allowing myself to be pathetic or side-tracked anymore.  Just so you know... You’re not alone here.  AND also know there is a greater possibility available! Are you demanding it?

If you’d like some more tools for going beyond your breakthrough moment, you can contact Lisa Murray for a personal Breakthrough Session or listen in to her free New Energies of Business show on Blog Talk Radio. 

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What's Missing In Your Business?

You know that feeling you get when you know something is missing, but you just don't know what it is?  You 'should' be making way more money, but you're not.  You 'should' be moving forward faster with your projects, but you're not.  You 'should' be engaging with way more people, but you're not!  

When I looked underneath all of the 'shoulds' in one of my businesses it came down to one thing.  Consistency. I was great at doing lots of the things that were needed to make it work. Occasionally. Randomly. When I felt inspired. When I remembered. When I wasn't distracted with client projects. And when I looked at the times the business had worked really well, it was when I was doing the business generating and expanding activities CONSISTENTLY!

Most of us have some idea of what to do to create growth in our business.  When we first started we figured it out - because it was get it to work or go back to the JOB.  Motivation comes from interesting places!  And once we had it figured out and the business was moving forward, we got busy with other activities.  The actions that sound important, the actions that are required to service our customers. The actions that took us away from the genuinely essential actions.

These are the actions that keep a business running...  Somewhere in your business there are some actions missing that make the difference between a thriving business and a surviving business.  What are they?  It's different for every business.  You know your business model and you know what it takes to keep the engine humming.  And if you aren't sure, that's your first action - find out!!

If you know what it is, how much attention are you giving to the daily, weekly or monthly actions that keep the engine in tune and humming along effortlessly?  If a few things have fallen off the consistency wagon, now is the time to change that.

I know what you are thinking.  "If it was easy for me to be consistent with these things I'd be doing it!"  Yes, I hear you! Consistency not natural for me either - I much prefer to play with new ideas!!  And I'm inviting you to find a way to make it work for you - because you know and I know that when you do these things consistently, your business will grow!

Here are three ways I get myself in the energy of being consistent:
1)  Produce in blocks.  For example, instead of writing random blog posts because I haven't posted lately and I need to show up, I'll write 10 - 15 posts at a time and schedule them in advance.  Faster and easier and everyone feels the love!

2)  Delegate.  There are just some things you'll never get to.  Find someone who is better than you at the task in hand and make it their job to deliver regularly.  Make a diary note so you can check the task is being completed.

3)  Power Hours.  I've talked about these before.  They are one of my favourite things.  Make a list of all those small things that need doing regularly that you just have to do and set aside a daily or weekly power hour.  It might be making client appointments, paying your team.  Whatever it is that will create more space and more possibilities for the future, schedule it!  Some weeks I even have two!  Because I know that an hour of priorities each week saves me many more hours down the track.  And we'd all like to work less right?

So, this week's business coaching challenge is to identify at least two things that would make a difference to your business if you did them consistently, and set up a system for getting them done!  You don't need to be the source, you just need a system that works!

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You Don't Have To Be Tired!

If you are finding yourself saying ‘I am sick and tired of.....’ a lot, have you noticed that you are getting sicker and tireder... that those symptoms aren’t disappearing the more you say it?  That’s because when we say ‘I am sick and tired of.....’ that’s what we are creating.  More of the same!  

Or maybe your favourite phrase is ‘I’m too tired to....’  Whatever it is, you can be sure that if you are talking about being tired, that’s what you are creating.

Why am I writing about this?  Because two clients have asked me in the last 24 hours: ‘How is it you don’t get tired when you work with lots of people?’  At the end of my three-day Creativity Lab LIVE! event, I was still like the energizer bunny!  And I am an introvert, so technically this should not be possible, except that it is!!

So, here are a few of my secrets...  I work a lot.  I love it.  And there are moments when I’m tired.  Moments, and sometimes an hour or so.  Not days, or weeks or months.  I used to have burnout.  I know exactly what intensive tiredness feels like.  And I know what exhaustion is too.  And I’m just not willing to have that be part of my life anymore.  So I work in a flow that not only works for me mentally, but physically as well.

Get Enough Sleep

Note I am not saying ‘get 8 hours of sleep’.  It says get ENOUGH sleep.  I can go for weeks or months on 4 - 5 hours sleep a night.  With ease.  And right now, my body needs about 9 - 10 hours a night to feel good.  The number of hours is always changing.  When my body tells me it’s different, my sleep patterns change.  

What is different about this from me to most people is that I don’t have a number that is ‘right’.  The number of hours of sleep that is right for me is the number that makes me feel great.  Today.  It’s not a number that is relevant to any research or any study.  How could anyone else possibly know my body better than me?  And when I choose to go with what my body tells me, we are both happy.  And there’s lots of energy to play with!

Quit With The Expectations

Have you noticed that the more you (or others) expect of you, the more you feel you need to deliver and the tireder you become?  When you remove the expectations and just be with ‘what is’ you can start to unravel what’s actually possible.

Many times in my career I given my bosses some variation of choice that would work for me:  “You can have this or this... or all of it with more time, what would you like to choose?”  Allow someone else to assist with the priorities.  And if you work for yourself, find a good sounding board.

Know What Energises You

For me, sitting in the sun for a while pours lots of vitamin D goodness in where it’s needed.  When I add a little time playing with horses or watching clouds go by, I receive even more space. It can also be laughing with friends, a house-cleaner, or a few nutritious meals in the freezer... anything that makes your life easier and gives you energy! 

What is it that creates space and energy for you?  Those are the elements you need to make a priority.  And sometimes you just have to take a ‘joyful living’ day - some people call them mental health days... I prefer to allow myself to have a really really good time on those days.  Guilt-free time off from your business is essential!

Can you imagine how much more would be possible if you weren't tired anymore?

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Does Size Matter?

I ask a lot of questions about my businesses every single day.  It’s part of having a constantly generative, creative, expansive energy running through everything I do.  One thing that has come up in my awareness this week is the question of size.

Does size matter?  For me, apparently it does!  I was looking at what wasn’t moving forward quickly and I realised that most of those things weren’t big enough - they were boring me with their smallness! 

The more I explored the more I could see how the size of a project becomes an inspiration to me.  Which is one of the reasons I still do occasional consulting work for large businesses - it's that enticement of having a much bigger playground to apply my creativity and capacities to.  

The obvious conclusion from this is - "I need to make my businesses way larger."  And that's where most people stop.  Not me!  

Something didn't feel correct. I asked more questions.  "What is it about BIG that I love?"  It's about having bigger budgets, more resources for creating faster, more engagement with talented brilliant people, more flexibility to experiment, more possibilities showing up by being more visible, more toys to play with…


"How could I create that?" came next.  And I realised that I am very very close to having all of the energies I love in my businesses right now.  With a few tweaks, all of that could be put into place over the next couple of months with ease.

"What else is there to know about this?"  I have this way of popping into social media just when the exact piece of information I require is available.  Yesterday someone wrote something like "the universe has no point of view about size - creating something small or large is just as easy, so why not start with large?"   

And that fired my imagination some more.  "If I stop making it all about size, what else could be possible?  What would I ask for that I have never asked for before because it was too big or too small?"  Yeah, you can hear my ideas going off like popcorn right now!!

Imagine if we took away all of our judgements about size and asked for the elements of what we would like to create instead?  Would that create a different future for your business? It is for mine!

(In case you are wondering, this is what business coaching with Lisa Murray is like... a series of ever-expanding conversations and questions that create and outcreate and create some more! I was just doing my thing on a follow-on from a conversation I had with my mentor about how I could have everything move forward faster.)

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Right Timing - Does it Exist?


I’m not known for my patience, or a willingness to wait, and so have created many a business project that was before it’s time!

And you know what that often creates? Over-enthusiasm, a lot of people who are not exactly clear about what is being offered, or not in a position to engage with you, and often overwhelm, disappointment or disillusionment when it doesn’t work out as desired.

This comes from placing a significance upon the timing. Whether it is for goal-setting or strategic planning, we have been taught that timing is significant and that we must create as much as possible as quickly as possible, and no matter what, we must meet the timing set.  

Does this truly work?  Or is it a way of forcing ourselves into action prematurely, without the support of the many underlying energies that can actually allow us to create with ease.

For me personally, it’s now come to the space where I know that around 95% of the ideas I come up with are a little more than the world is ready for right now!  So, what to do with a dilemma like that?

Flexibility seems to be the word for the year. The timing on everything is shifting and changing rather dynamically for all of my projects and I am learning to surf those waves in surprising ways.

I’m becoming more willing to create things in their ‘right timing’ as I’ve seen how much time and energy goes into forcing an idea into existence before it is ready!

We always have a choice when timing shows up differently to what we expect.  We can force things to be how we have planned, or we can allow for a flow that may lead to something greater!  

I have been playing with the idea of working with ‘what is’ (ie what is available right now), rather than trying to make my ideas and plans fit the schedules I would like to create!  I am onto my 48th version of my travel schedule for this year, and only now am I seeing that mostly I can’t schedule more than a couple of months ahead - there is much that is yet to fall together for the ease and flow to show up!

Which raises the question of ‘right timing’.  Is there such a thing?  Here’s what I am discovering...  Right timing simply means that everything that is required is in place.  That there are no huge mountains blocking the way, no deep valley’s to plunge into, nothing that would make the project disappear or crash.  

The changes required in the universe have been made.  The connections required are set-up and will show up exactly as needed.  There is a sense of flow.  Right timing means the people that are required are available, the information you need is available, the energies that support the project coming to fruition are in place, there is an underlying sense of possibility that feels light and expansive.

Almost everything will flow with more ease if you are willing to wait for the point of right timing.  Sometimes you’ll receive an idea or start a project where you have already passed the point of right timing... so everything is available immediately. That’s why not everything has a sense of having to wait for ‘right timing’.  The timing arrived before you were even aware of the choices you could make!

Sometimes we become immobilized by the idea of ‘right timing’.  We’d like to do something but we’re not sure.  We become the bunny frozen in the headlights, wondering if we should turn right or left.  

What if it’s not procrastination?  What if it’s an awareness around timing?
  I have had so many moments of this and a little later discovered exactly the reasons I was hesitating.  Sometimes it was after I forced myself to act (leading to situations I did not have ease with), other times I was smart enough to wait and ask some more questions!

How do you know if you are waiting for ‘right timing’?  If you have an idea but it has a heaviness or a slowness to it, or it doesn’t have clarity, you’ll know that timing could be an issue.

And here’s the cool thing. Somewhere inside of us we always know.  So ask some questions... ‘Is now the time for this project?’  ‘Is there something else required for this project to come to fruition?’  ‘If I create this now, will it create a flow for something greater or will it be creating through force?’  Go with whatever feels light!

Once you have reached the point of ‘right timing’ the changes required have been made and all of the little bunnies are lined up ready to run,  your project has it’s green lights and the exact timing becomes a choice.

How much more ease could you have if you are willing to have an awareness of whether your project or idea is in it’s right timing?

So the other thing to know here is if you have tried something before, and it didn’t work, instead of going straight to the conclusion that the idea was wrong or that you were a failure, what if you ask ‘Was the timing incorrect?’.  And ask the universe to show you when the timing will work.  

What if your ideas are a lot more brilliant than you have ever given yourself credit for?   If you are wondering what I am talking about, read about Nikola Tesla... he’s a perfect example of bringing great ideas through in the ‘wrong’ timing.  What else would be possible if you were willing to allow ‘right timing’ to contribute to your business and your projects?

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc

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Change: Do You Love It or Fear It?


I love working for myself.  It allows me to change anything instantaneously.  And being just a little ADD/ADHD, that desire for constant change is rather well fed!  The funny thing is, I thought about working for myself for 20 years before I finally took the leap!  And while I value the interesting experiences I created in the corporate world, it would have been much kinder to me to have made that change a lot sooner! 

Most of us have learned to fear change and especially change in business.  The media has fed us a lot of stories about how bad and wrong change is.  What if it is just change?  Some of the best changes I have ever made have come from the places in my life that weren’t working.  And one of the biggest and most amazing changes came when I was willing to totally change something I loved, that was working well!  What is it you are unwilling to change because you think you have the answer?  What if there could be a greater possibility?

When we embrace change in business, we open up to grander and  more abundant choices.  When we are cutting out all of the possibilities for change, we put ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes.  I don’t fix anything, but I change a lot of things, everyday!  And that brings a sense of peace, ease and joy into my business.

Australia has one of the most robust economies in the world right now, but we are too busy complaining about what has changed 'for the worse' to even notice how fortunate we are.  What if you asked ‘How else could I take advantage of this?’ rather than worrying about what used to be?  

Would you be willing to start each day looking at what you could create different, rather than how you could keep everything the same as it was?  When we operate from a space of possibility, choice and awareness, everything can become greater.  When we operate from a space of stuckness and limitation we simply create more of the same.   Oops – we’re cute, but not always bright.

Can you see why I love change so much?

Over the past 4 years I have learned so much about creating change with ease.  The tools I use come from Access Consciousness™ - these tools are pragmatic and they create the possibility of instant change – with anything!  I have just enjoyed three luscious days of Access bodywork and WOW!  My body feels beyond amazing... and that is creating a flow in my work that is also far beyond what I have ever had before! If I had not been willing to find out what else would make my body feel good beyond massage, I wouldn't have the space, presence and joy that is in my body right now... it's just another change!

Interestingly bodywork creates just as much change for me in my business as the verbal tools that I teach my business coaching clients! This morning I am seeing everything in my business with fresh eyes.  There is even more ease than before and I am totally excited about what else I can create!   How does it get even better than that?

If you would like to explore the magic of change for you, your life and business, I am offering introductory Access Consciousness™ classes in a couple of weeks.  One of my business loves is facilitating these classes as I see how much more can become possible when we change the points of view that keep us stuck.  These processes are so simple and they work!  What are you choosing?  More of the same or a whole lot more ease and joy?

If you are choosing something different, you may want to come to class!  What if you could change anything and everything with ease?  Would that make your business a whole lot more blissful?

 Image Credit

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Conscious Business: Are You Moving Forward?

I woke up obsessed with taking a walk through Noosa National Park to Hells Gate.  When I got into the car it was raining (again!)  By the time I was halfway there the rain was coming down in sheets and visibility was pretty much zero.

I almost turned around, but I really, really, really wanted that walk! I could see the tiniest piece of blue sky to the south and I wasn’t allowing a bit of water to stop me.   Arriving at the National Park the rain stopped and midway to Hells Gate it was sunny again! I truly was one excited little bunny!

So what's a walk in the rain got to do with doing business consciously? 

Have you noticed how often we are tempted to give up when we are just a few moments from the thing we truly desire?  What is it you are almost about to give up on, that if you would keep going, would come to fruition faster and sooner than you can imagine?

It’s easy to give up in business.  Sometimes so much has to change beneath the surface before we can see our creations come to life…  That wait can be longer and harder than we desire if we are trying to force something into existence.  If, on the other hand, we go with the flow on the projects that are moving forward and we keep creating and generating lots of different possibilities, our choices expand exponentially.

If I had gone home this morning, I would have spent the whole day looking out the window, wishing I’d been for that walk.  Instead, my willingness to go with my instincts (despite gloomy surface appearances) gave my body some much needed creative impetus and I’m settling in to write for a while!  

And that’s the other part of moving forward to be conscious of… I’m once again working on my book The Mojo of Flow – which I thought would be out last year… but sometimes the flow just isn’t there… so I’ve done a few other projects in the meantime and the last pieces of information that I was ‘waiting’ for have shown up this week – how does it get better than that??

I could have beaten myself up for not finishing when I said I would… but really I always know there is a reason if something isn’t moving forward in the way I would like.  This last chapter will make it the book I knew it could be… that it wasn’t… until this topic came into my conscious awareness!! I am so grateful for consciously allowing the joy which made it all flow with ease (rather than going into the wrongness of me)!

So, let’s do something together…  Would you be willing to stop beating yourself up for anything that’s not working in your business right now… and start playing with whatever has some energy and some momentum? 

And would you put the 'stuck' or 'stopped' projects aside and keep contributing your energy to them, without a point of view as to what will happen next?  What if they could create and generate themselves with an ease you haven't experienced before?

As you do this, ask each project to let you know when it is time for you to play with it again… and know that everything happens with perfect timing.  

I see this ease of moving forward show up over and over with my business coaching clients.  We talk about a strategy, there’s no action, then all of a sudden everything falls magically into place, with an ease that is still astonishing each time it happens!  When we let go of our expectations and just keep moving forward, so much more becomes possible.

Are you willing to operate your business consciously?  Or would you rather do it by force?  How is that working for you?

Have you ever experienced how this flow creates such ease? Tell us about it below!  Or if you are wondering what the hell I am talking about... feel free to ask a question!! 

 Love your work! xox Lisa

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Relevance, Randomness and Being Right in Business

Have you noticed how most people are obsessed with getting business ‘right’ – as if there is only one right answer and once they find it they will have the perfect business for the next hundred million years?

What if, instead of getting business right, we start looking at what is relevant and what random brilliance we could create which would contribute to creating something greater than we have ever generated before? Could that be more fun than having to be the control freak from hell to make it all perfect?

One of my favourite tools is having everything be ‘out of control’… so that I can create from the random chaos of everything that is shifting and changing around me rather than the fixed and limited structures that people like to describe business as (you know... like the strategic plan, the business plan, the swot analysis, the competitive advantages, and all the other buzzwords…. yeah yeah yeah… is that just one big yawn for you??)

What if it could be more like shaking a kaleidoscope and creating a new pattern of possibilities every ten seconds…? ‘Oh this looks fun, what could that look like if I institute it into my business?’ rather than ‘Here is a structure that everyone uses and it has been proven to work for them so I know it will work for me…’  Which one of these makes you feel lighter? Which one makes you feel like you’d rather die??  What if business is truly fun and there can be a lightness with it that allows for infinite and playful creation?  

When I operate from the energy that I will put into place only what is relevant to the impact I desire to have on the world, it makes it easy to come up with randomly brilliant and adventurous ideas at astonishing speed... and the implementation is ease and joy too.  When I do it all by the MBA textbook (of which I have a few!!) there is a heaviness which soon translates into boredom and a lot of unfinished projects… oops!  Cute… not so bright!

Is any of this making sense to you?  What if your true state of being in business is a combination of relevance and randomness, rather than someone else’s idea of rightness?  

What if you were to Houdini yourself out of the definition and limitation of what business ‘should’ be? What could you create as your business?? And how much fun could you have?

(Image:  Pinterest)

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Starting a Business - Joy or Passion?

So you want to start a business following your passion? Here’s the thing… passion is what happened when Christ got nailed to the cross… yes, passion is a killer. Passion has limitations! It’s all about what’s sitting on the outside, it’s noisy, its brash, it’s full of movement and doing… and it doesn’t always make you money - there's a lot of convincing others to follow your passion when your business is based on passion.  

I disagree with Gary Vaynerchuk (and a whole lot of other people who say ‘follow your passion and the money will come’)… that’s the field of dreams folks, not the way to business bliss. Joseph Campbell said ‘follow your bliss’… he didn’t say ‘follow your passion’. You might think I'm being picky with words here.  I am.  Words carry distinctive energies and I know which energy I'd rather play with!

That’s because passion has an energy that is about hustle, about pushing, about coming to a conclusion and then trying to make it come true. Passion burns out…it’s doing business the hard way. Is that the platform you want for your business?  So what else is possible?


Building a business that brings you joy has unlimited possibilities. Joy comes from that quiet space within. It’s not dependent on how much money you make. You can simply choose to BE joy… it’s not something you have to do.

When we create our businesses based on joy we create a platform which allows each aspect of joy we create in the business to keep expanding and building. Joy spreads everywhere with ease... because the people you want to work with choose joy... and they share it when they find it!

Joy allows us to reinvent business. To take the path less travelled. To create a business where we can do what we love, in ways that bring us bliss, with people we adore. Joy is a softer and stronger platform for building business bliss.

Joy still requires a business model, it still requires promotion… but take a look at this… Recently a friend introduced me to Sourced Grocer at Teneriffe. Truly, I am in love. These beautiful people have converted an old warehouse into a gourmet grocer flower shop café delight which whispers joy in every detail.

Beautiful produce, delicious snacks, quirky styling… business cards proclaiming ‘local is lovely’… steps and cushions for lounging in the sunshine… great reading material and my most favourite bit of all… a really joyful team – you can feel the vibe as soon as you arrive… people who really love what they are doing…and guess what all of that brings? A steady stream of customers who get the vibe and contribute to the joy… fantastic word of mouth advertising… and heaps of repeat business.


What are you choosing?  To follow your bliss or to follow your passion?? 


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Care Factor?


This morning a friend sent me a text message saying she was in a café and could overhear a business coach chewing out a client.  Wow - I was more than a little surprised!!  I have never needed to add to a client's stress levels like that and I never will.

Yes, I do believe in tough love when appropriate.  If you ask me to hold you accountable I will – very clearly -  once we agree on the parameters.  But I would never do it in a way that is unkind or disrespectful to you as a person.  I care too much about my clients to behave like that, and I care too much about our planet to bring anger or frustration into my coaching.  What if our earth is erupting because there is so much anger everywhere and she just can't contain it anymore?  Do any of us who are aware and conscious truly need to add to that?

Caring takes a lot more courage than chewing someone out.  What contribution can you be to our beautiful world today? Every energy we create has an impact far wider than just the person we are talking to.  The frustrated energy that coach was splattering around that café was felt by many more people than just her unfortunate client. 

I am more and more mindful of how far energy flows and what my total contribution is to the entire planet - in every interaction I have - with clients, friends, foes,and people I see in living everyday...  So, here’s what you need to know if you choose to work with me:

  • Because I care, I will tell you when I feel you need to look at other options.
  • Because I care, I will find a way to show you when it’s time to step it up a bit and shine your light more brightly into the world.  
  • Because I care, I will tell you when I see greater possibilities for you than you can see right now.
  • Because I care, I will be very clear about what it will take for you to have a successful business, even if you don’t want to hear it.
  • Because I care, I will create the potential for you to discover the joy and bliss in your business, and sometimes, on the surface, that may not look like what you want it to!

Because I care, I will do this with humour, kindness and playfulness - not judgment, anger or frustration.  I will do it with sensitivity to where you are right now.  I will do it with awareness that you may not like me for a few moments because you weren’t expecting to hear what I have said (and I’ll never take offence, even if you do for a moment or so!!)

It’s this simple.  You need to care more than I do about your business.  If I found myself in a place where I had to chew you out over something, then I would be caring more for your business than you do.  If I ever find myself caring more than you about your business, then you need a different business or a different business coach.  (Of course, if you are one of those rare souls who love getting chewed out, it would be way easier for you to get a job and get paid for it, rather than paying a coach!)

Your business will thrive when you really really really desire thrival to show up.  When you make the demand of YOU to do whatever it takes!  I am here to mentor you, to contribute to you and to show you what is possible…what are you willing to receive?  What are you willing to contribute... to you, to your business, to the planet?

Love Your Work!

P.S. If this resonates with you, you are welcome to join us for the New Energies of Business events where we explore how we can change business consciously... or if you are looking for a business coach, you could enjoy a free 30 minute business coaching session to see if my business coaching style works for you!

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