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Creating Your Business Out of Control

How much energy do we use trying to never be 'out of control'?  And what if it is the energy of 'out of control' that actually allows us to create dynamically?

Join Lisa Murray for an intriguing exploration of what 'out of control' actually is... and how you can use it creatively in business and life.  What if 'out of control' could be the best thing that ever happened to you?

Listen below:

Traditional business is about control. There is this assumption that if everything is under control then everything will be okay. But what if it's not? What if this idea of control is actually the energy that is limiting the possibilities in your business?  When we start to operate from awareness rather than control, doors open where there were only walls.  Creativity and innovation become the norm!

Listen to the show and then take this week's business coaching challenge.  Find the area of your business that is the most tightly controlled.  Ask: What could show up if I stopped controlling this?  What else could be possible if I remove the controls? What contribution could it be to take this area out of control?

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3 Strategies For When Your Plans Stop Working

"Help!  My plans for growing my business aren't working!"

Every entrepreneur has moments like these when no matter what you do, nothing seems to work and you are going round in circles.  You have two choices.  You can get frustrated.  Or you can start to create from a totally different space.  So many times when things haven't worked for me, I have realised that there were other possibilities that actually would create the business even more dynamically than I had imagined.  I just needed to be willing to be flexible and change my plans.

Here are three 'get moving fast' strategies to explore:

1.  WHAT is it EXACTLY that is not working?

We often assume that we know what it is that's not working.  And mostly the root cause is something else entirely.  Ask a lot of questions to discover what is actually going on.  Have you been trying to fix the 'wrong' problem?  For example: If you are not winning enough business, look at the entire process - where exactly is it not working? 

Ask questions of your sales team, your clients and potential clients.  What is the system, process or relationship that is not delivering the results you desire? (This is not a head-hunt for poor performing staff!!  In most cases there is another reason - that is just the lazy business owner's assumption.)

2.  WHAT could you do DIFFERENT that would create a different result?


What worked 2 or 5 or 20 years ago may no longer be relevant.  What has changed inside and outside of your business?  What do you need to change in response that would change the results you are creating?  What are the new possibilities that you haven't even considered yet?  When we take off the blinkers and start to be creative, new choices arrive. We must be willing to change.

In one of my businesses, I recently went from being fully booked for the next two months, to having almost nothing going on.  The causes were diverse and beyond my control.  I gave myself ten seconds to be frustrated and then I was asking 'what's next?'.  

I realised this situation had created the possibility for something new that I have desired to do for a long time, that I just never get to.  The new strategy will also create the future situation where it won't matter if people don't do what they say.  My revenue streams will be diversified enough to make their choices irrelevant!!    And what else is possible that I haven't imagined yet?

 3. Make your business FLEXIBLE!

Whatever systems, processes, products or services your business has, you need to be aware of how you can be flexible with what you have.  There is a lot of chaos in the world right now, and will be for the foreseeable future.  When you explore future scenarios for your business, take note of what can be changed quickly, and where you are locked in.  If you are agreeing to new contracts, look for the flexibility.  If you are employing staff, engage people who are flexible and willing to do whatever it takes.

I was called into a client's business to work out what was not working with their processes.  I had been there less than 5 minutes when the new office manager sat down (uninvited!) and told me how she was being asked to do things that weren't her job and that she wasn't going to do.  There was no willingness to contribute to the success of the business, there was no interest in being flexible. There was no interest in ensuring that clients were attended to quickly.  Her attitude was all about 'I'm not going to....'. She was first on my list of what needed to change.

So what is it that would make your business way more flexible and responsive to change than it is now?  Cross-skilling staff?  Space for a change in attitude?  Simpler processes and systems that people will actually be willing to follow? 

These three strategies can change things quickly.  Ask enough questions and you will become aware of exactly what else is needed for your business to move forward again.  Staying stuck is a choice. 

If you are really really really stuck, you can always ask an external coach or mentor to assist.  That independent point of view truly does bring a fresh perspective.

What can you change to make your business more profitable!  (What if you could enjoy making the changes??)



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Right Timing - Does it Exist?


I’m not known for my patience, or a willingness to wait, and so have created many a business project that was before it’s time!

And you know what that often creates? Over-enthusiasm, a lot of people who are not exactly clear about what is being offered, or not in a position to engage with you, and often overwhelm, disappointment or disillusionment when it doesn’t work out as desired.

This comes from placing a significance upon the timing. Whether it is for goal-setting or strategic planning, we have been taught that timing is significant and that we must create as much as possible as quickly as possible, and no matter what, we must meet the timing set.  

Does this truly work?  Or is it a way of forcing ourselves into action prematurely, without the support of the many underlying energies that can actually allow us to create with ease.

For me personally, it’s now come to the space where I know that around 95% of the ideas I come up with are a little more than the world is ready for right now!  So, what to do with a dilemma like that?

Flexibility seems to be the word for the year. The timing on everything is shifting and changing rather dynamically for all of my projects and I am learning to surf those waves in surprising ways.

I’m becoming more willing to create things in their ‘right timing’ as I’ve seen how much time and energy goes into forcing an idea into existence before it is ready!

We always have a choice when timing shows up differently to what we expect.  We can force things to be how we have planned, or we can allow for a flow that may lead to something greater!  

I have been playing with the idea of working with ‘what is’ (ie what is available right now), rather than trying to make my ideas and plans fit the schedules I would like to create!  I am onto my 48th version of my travel schedule for this year, and only now am I seeing that mostly I can’t schedule more than a couple of months ahead - there is much that is yet to fall together for the ease and flow to show up!

Which raises the question of ‘right timing’.  Is there such a thing?  Here’s what I am discovering...  Right timing simply means that everything that is required is in place.  That there are no huge mountains blocking the way, no deep valley’s to plunge into, nothing that would make the project disappear or crash.  

The changes required in the universe have been made.  The connections required are set-up and will show up exactly as needed.  There is a sense of flow.  Right timing means the people that are required are available, the information you need is available, the energies that support the project coming to fruition are in place, there is an underlying sense of possibility that feels light and expansive.

Almost everything will flow with more ease if you are willing to wait for the point of right timing.  Sometimes you’ll receive an idea or start a project where you have already passed the point of right timing... so everything is available immediately. That’s why not everything has a sense of having to wait for ‘right timing’.  The timing arrived before you were even aware of the choices you could make!

Sometimes we become immobilized by the idea of ‘right timing’.  We’d like to do something but we’re not sure.  We become the bunny frozen in the headlights, wondering if we should turn right or left.  

What if it’s not procrastination?  What if it’s an awareness around timing?
  I have had so many moments of this and a little later discovered exactly the reasons I was hesitating.  Sometimes it was after I forced myself to act (leading to situations I did not have ease with), other times I was smart enough to wait and ask some more questions!

How do you know if you are waiting for ‘right timing’?  If you have an idea but it has a heaviness or a slowness to it, or it doesn’t have clarity, you’ll know that timing could be an issue.

And here’s the cool thing. Somewhere inside of us we always know.  So ask some questions... ‘Is now the time for this project?’  ‘Is there something else required for this project to come to fruition?’  ‘If I create this now, will it create a flow for something greater or will it be creating through force?’  Go with whatever feels light!

Once you have reached the point of ‘right timing’ the changes required have been made and all of the little bunnies are lined up ready to run,  your project has it’s green lights and the exact timing becomes a choice.

How much more ease could you have if you are willing to have an awareness of whether your project or idea is in it’s right timing?

So the other thing to know here is if you have tried something before, and it didn’t work, instead of going straight to the conclusion that the idea was wrong or that you were a failure, what if you ask ‘Was the timing incorrect?’.  And ask the universe to show you when the timing will work.  

What if your ideas are a lot more brilliant than you have ever given yourself credit for?   If you are wondering what I am talking about, read about Nikola Tesla... he’s a perfect example of bringing great ideas through in the ‘wrong’ timing.  What else would be possible if you were willing to allow ‘right timing’ to contribute to your business and your projects?

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc

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Flexibility or Structure?

One thing is for sure.  Since I’ve been asking to outcreate myself every single day, I have had to up the ante on flexibility!  It’s an energy that isn’t so present in business.  Most businesses are looking to put form and structure around everything.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been creating flexible systems.... that is systems that move with me as I expand my ideas, rather than stifling business growth.

And it’s a learning curve. A giant, steep learning curve, given the speed of change I am embracing!!  And that’s not to say it isn’t fun.... it is!  And it’s lucky I love change!!!

Traditional business loves structure.  It loves the solidity and the conclusions that a structure provides.  “Here are the rules.  Follow them.  Blindly.  And your business will run perfectly.”  seems to be the accepted approach.  Except that it rarely works anymore.  

Why?  Well it was probably great for the industrial age, when most production could be done by machines - they don’t think much...  But now, we are swinging wildly into an age that is all about creativity, about craftsmanship, about possibilities and the unknown.  Seth Godin talks about it in The Icarus Deception. It’s the difference between playing it safe and forging your own path.  We are in the age of going beyond what is commonly expected now... so what are you going to do?

If your business is set up so that the blind follow the blind, it is going to lead to lots of lemmings falling off the cliff!!

So how do you create your business so that isn’t limited by structure?  You embrace flexibility and you embrace awareness.  And you choose people who are willing to work in this way.  Anyone who joins my team is invited to do so because of their awareness and their flexibility.  Without those two energies, they aren’t going to thrive!

So what does this look like?

My host for an overseas event not getting the flyers printed in time for a big event that we could have been promoting at... and not being sure why... and then realising that the dates were wrong - everywhere!  That’s awareness.  Me not being the least bit upset about this, actually being grateful!  That’s flexibility.

What if procrastination could be about awareness?  What if you know a whole lot more than you cognitively recognise?  What if instead of being frustrated by ‘stupid’ people in your business, you start asking for people with awareness to show up?  And by stupid I don’t mean intellectually dim, I mean having a lack of awareness - they are not the same thing!

So, if you are going to put “rules” in place, make sure they are flexible systems that allow for growth and expansion, rather than limited structures that encourage lemmings to mindlessly jump.  You know what happens if you jump off a cliff blindly... there’s a big SPLAT at the bottom!   

So let’s get practical.  Where do you start in turning your business into a nimble, flexible, expansive space?  You start with the one simple thing in front of you.  What is the structure that is limiting your business the most?  Or what is the (non-existent) flexible system that your business most requires to create a more profitable future?  That’s where you start.  Change or create that... and then go onto the next one!  

Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’  And the Renaissance movement changed the world, with less than 1000 people! So what difference can you create in the world by making your business simpler, more flexible and more ease-filled - for you, your clients and your team?  What if this simplicity and flexibility could also decrease the stress seemingly inherent in business?

Have fun exploring!!  And if you’d like to know more or talk your ideas out with someone independent, did you know I am available for one-off business coaching sessions via phone or skype, as well as longer coaching programs?

Oh and one more thing... how many policy manuals would you need to create if you had awareness and flexibility as the core of your business?  And yes I know some things are required by law... do those of course!!  And save your energy and time for creating something much greater for anything that is not essential!!

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Are You Solving Problems Or Out-Creating?


I have a mentor who sees the world totally different to almost anyone on the planet.  His unique views on business make a lot of sense and he creates his businesses from an energy that is all about out-creating rather than problem-solving.  Why?  Because it works!

“Problem-solver” is a label much touted as a good thing in most businesses. The funny thing is, if you are a problem-solver, then you are always going to be creating problems to solve.  Oops!!  How is that working for your business?  Are you a little tired of fixing the problems in your business that you are creating? (Truly, if they are there, you are creating them somehow!)  Is it time to create a greater possibility?  One that could be fun for you?

A business truly focused on growth will create from an energy of out-creating, rather than problem-solving.  Look at how Apple began – they weren’t solving a problem, they were creating something totally different.  Richard Branson doesn’t solve problems; he out-creates the really average stuff that is on offer by his ‘competition’.

Two weeks ago I asked my mentor a few questions about people copying me (there seemed to be a  trend on that!) and he showed me an energy of out-creation that was far beyond what I have been playing with.  Out-creation is ALWAYS a more generative strategy than copying or competing (just in case you were wondering!!)

This week I came up with a new business model for one of my businesses that has the potential to make it into everything I have been asking it to be!  On a much larger scale… with a lot less of my time… that no-one else is doing… and in a way that would be way more fun for me!  How does it get better than that?

Here’s how it gets even better… I come up with another 10 business models that are game changers.  It really is that simple.  I became aware that the only ‘problem’ I had been creating in this business was not allowing it to be big enough… or amazing enough... or creative enough… or DIFFERENT enough!  Cute… not bright.  Changes are afoot!  

So, you could ask your business this question… and be willing for inspiration to come from anywhere…

“What could I be or do today that would allow me to outcreate myself right away?”

 And if you would like to know more about how to create a whole lot of this in your business, here are some choices:

If you have been thinking too small, now is the time to outcreate everything you have ever dreamed of.  Go Play!

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Change: Do You Love It or Fear It?


I love working for myself.  It allows me to change anything instantaneously.  And being just a little ADD/ADHD, that desire for constant change is rather well fed!  The funny thing is, I thought about working for myself for 20 years before I finally took the leap!  And while I value the interesting experiences I created in the corporate world, it would have been much kinder to me to have made that change a lot sooner! 

Most of us have learned to fear change and especially change in business.  The media has fed us a lot of stories about how bad and wrong change is.  What if it is just change?  Some of the best changes I have ever made have come from the places in my life that weren’t working.  And one of the biggest and most amazing changes came when I was willing to totally change something I loved, that was working well!  What is it you are unwilling to change because you think you have the answer?  What if there could be a greater possibility?

When we embrace change in business, we open up to grander and  more abundant choices.  When we are cutting out all of the possibilities for change, we put ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes.  I don’t fix anything, but I change a lot of things, everyday!  And that brings a sense of peace, ease and joy into my business.

Australia has one of the most robust economies in the world right now, but we are too busy complaining about what has changed 'for the worse' to even notice how fortunate we are.  What if you asked ‘How else could I take advantage of this?’ rather than worrying about what used to be?  

Would you be willing to start each day looking at what you could create different, rather than how you could keep everything the same as it was?  When we operate from a space of possibility, choice and awareness, everything can become greater.  When we operate from a space of stuckness and limitation we simply create more of the same.   Oops – we’re cute, but not always bright.

Can you see why I love change so much?

Over the past 4 years I have learned so much about creating change with ease.  The tools I use come from Access Consciousness™ - these tools are pragmatic and they create the possibility of instant change – with anything!  I have just enjoyed three luscious days of Access bodywork and WOW!  My body feels beyond amazing... and that is creating a flow in my work that is also far beyond what I have ever had before! If I had not been willing to find out what else would make my body feel good beyond massage, I wouldn't have the space, presence and joy that is in my body right now... it's just another change!

Interestingly bodywork creates just as much change for me in my business as the verbal tools that I teach my business coaching clients! This morning I am seeing everything in my business with fresh eyes.  There is even more ease than before and I am totally excited about what else I can create!   How does it get even better than that?

If you would like to explore the magic of change for you, your life and business, I am offering introductory Access Consciousness™ classes in a couple of weeks.  One of my business loves is facilitating these classes as I see how much more can become possible when we change the points of view that keep us stuck.  These processes are so simple and they work!  What are you choosing?  More of the same or a whole lot more ease and joy?

If you are choosing something different, you may want to come to class!  What if you could change anything and everything with ease?  Would that make your business a whole lot more blissful?

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