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10 Ways to Give Your Mojo a Boost


Many successful people come to a stage where they feel tired, unmotivated and missing that energy that made them successful in the first place.  Sometimes it is a result of a specific incident, more often it shows up out of the blue - the combination of a thousand small moments that weren't quite what our inner being truly desired!

Sound familiar?  Here's 10 quick, easy changes you can make that will give your mojo a boost:

  1. Do your work differently.  Look at it as if you have never done this task before and ask yourself how else could you do this to create a greater possibility?
  2. Start in the middle of a project instead of the beginning and see where it leads.  (Sometimes the unplanned leads to the greater possibility!!)
  3. Re-energise by having fun in your 10 minute breaks.  If you can't remember what is fun for you, the first thing to do is make a list of possibilities... add at least 3 things in each break until you have 50 ways to enjoy yourself in the moment.  (Hint:  more work should not be on the list!)
  4. Pretend you are six and see what you are doing as a six year old would - what could be different?
  5. Be or do something unexpected every day, so that the people around you get to see another side of you.  It keep's them on their toes (and keeps you entertained!)
  6. Stop meeting people's expectations unless it is joyful for you to make this contribution.
  7. See everything as an interesting point of view (rather than buying people's ideas as facts) and look at what YOU would like to choose.
  8. Ask the universe to show you catalysts for creating your work anew.
  9. Talk to people in different industries that inspire you.
  10. Be you!  So often we lose our mojo when we are busy being everything to everyone.  When you start to choose for you the magic can show up more often!

Having been through burnout a couple too many times, I am an expert in helping people get their mojo back...the ideas above represent some options on the practical side.  Each person is different and  I can also work with your energy. If you need a one-off energy-based session to get you aback on track please contact me!   By phone, skype or in person... depending on where you are!

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Competition Or Contribution?

Once, at a mentoring event, I was placed in a team with another business coach and a person who was previously my boss (a very long time before, under oddly competitive circumstances).  The target was to take an issue in our business and have the other team members make suggestions.  

When the reality sunk in, it is fair to say in those first few seconds I was not overjoyed by the team I was in – it felt confronting, competitive and constraining.  What was I going to talk about without feeling compromised in some way? 

By the time the session was finished, I was beyond grateful.  Here’s why… this situation gave me the experience of putting aside all my normal feelings about ‘competition’ and actually living the energy of contribution instead.  

I had the opportunity to look at all the old ‘stuff’ I had subconsciously held onto about my ex-boss and let it go.  I had the opportunity to see that the other business coach has skills and interests in different areas to me… and so could be a worthy collaborator at some point… and I had the opportunity to experience the total abundance of the universe.  There is more than enough for all of us.

More than enough ideas, more than enough clients, more than enough joy in discovering new possibilities through different points of view…

I actually received a lot of bliss out of being able to be the contribution to those people.  How often do we operate from the paradigm of where we fit, win, lose or benefit, rather than operating from the space of where and what can we contribute?

If each of us contributed to allowing others to be the best they can be, whether they are our ‘competitor’ or not, imagine how amazing the world could be?  So the next time you are holding back or holding out through fear of loss or fear of missing out, would you ask yourself where you could be more of you?  Where you could shine your light brighter in the world?  Where you could speak up and shine?

There is no-one like you.  There is no competition unless you create it.  No-one can serve your clients like you do.  No-one can create products like you do.  No-one can BE YOU except YOU!  So where could you show up and be the contribution like you never have before?

(And yes, of course I know all the business BS about everyone is your competition… please!! What would it take for business to start operating from collaboration and contribution instead of separation and segregation?  I would like to make the world a better place through more conscious business practices… starting with being the contribution!)

What would it take for you to be the contribution in your workplace, rather than the competition?

(Image: Pinterest)

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Getting Past Meltdown Moments…

There must be something in the air at the moment – I’ve received at least 4 calls in the past week from people in various stages of distress, overwhelm and anxiety about what they are doing with their life, what their real purpose is and why their job or business isn’t working as they imagined.  The last question in each case was…‘can you help me feel better?’

In every case, I made a few simple suggestions that we can all employ when the need arises… we all have these moments, it’s what you do with them that counts!!
  1. Remember that ‘this too shall pass’ – but only if you do or be something different to what you have been doing or being! 
  2. Get really clear about what you most truly desire… write down everything that’s important to you and what you want to do before you die.  Look for the patterns and the things that make you go ‘zing’… then you can start to live your life meaningfully, rather than just getting through your days!
  3. Take a few deep breaths, sit quietly and ask whether this anxiety and overwhelm is really yours?  How often do we ‘buy’ the second-hand opinions of those well-meaning friends and family we know and love, and accept these ideas as real when we may actually want to do something completely different?  What if you returned all these ideas to these people, in kindness, and then started to ask questions about what you really would prefer to choose… would your life look different?
If you'd like some more strategies for getting yourself and your business on track, would the February Revive Playshop contribute more than you can imagine?  If you want more prosperity and productivity then it's for you.  Book today - it's on in Brisbane on Feb 15th...  Who knows, investing 3 hours to set yourself up for 2010 could be the most productive action you take all year!!

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Are You Unwinding Yourself Gently or Coming Undone?

Has the idea of work/life balance completely flown out the window? At this time of year it’s a common trap for business owners to go through a mad frenzy of doingness so that everything gets finished before Christmas.  Sound familiar?  Are you madly running around making everyone else happy at the moment?

In the process you get even more tired and cranky, you lose the joy of the season and the moment you go on holidays your body releases all its stresses by making you ill… it’s not that enticing right?

This year I’ve decided things will be different – I’m going to enjoy my holiday rather than recover from my crazy year… So, here’s 5 ways you can take the pressure off right now!

  1. Instead of doing everything now, do a big cleanup and write yourself a clear list of priorities for when you return  from holidays – you’ll go on holidays with a clear mind and a clean desk!
  2. Build in some ‘me time’ over the next week – what would nurture you?
  3. Say no to a few things instead of ‘shoulding’ all over yourself. Do you really have to…?
  4. Work at a more leisurely pace and be present with what you are doing… enjoy the moment and remember to breathe!
  5. Find at least 3 places you are being a perfectionist and be willing to set yourself a tight timeframe for finishing the task as well as possible, but maybe not as perfectly as you normally would – you’ll save hours!!
Want to be more productive in 2010?  Book your place at our first REVIVE Business Coaching Playshop for 2010: Prosperous Productivity will be held on Monday 15 February in Brisbane.

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Too Much Buzz, Not Enough Nectar?

Creative Commons:

Do you have too much 'buzz' going through your mind to truly do justice to the nectar that provides the joy in your business and life?  Recently I've had a couple of insightful conversations with my sweetheart around our capacity to fit even more in than we already do, as well as minimising our stress levels.  Sounds crazy but we are both high achievers and don't want to waste a second of our lives... here's the strategy we came up with:

1. We have an 8.30am 'essentials' conversation each morning where we make a commitment to accomplishing the most important three things on our respective lists.  (This delivers focus and a sense of priorities, as well as a feeling of support for each other.)

2. We are choosing to be totally present and aware in whatever we are doing.  No more multi-tasking... or working and pretending we're not when we are supposed to be enjoying some chillout time!!  Rest is rest. Adventures are adventures. Business is business.  The key to a joyful life and productive businesses is being totally present with whichever one we are doing at the time and generating so much more from that totally present space of energy and consciousness.

3. Taking some time to ask more questions around 'What else is possible?' and 'What else can we add to our lives?'... and then planning to have what we desire - more time with the kids, more holidays and long weekends, more creativity and better health, more revenue in the businesses by focusing on actions that generate money!

What do you do that gives you a buzz and makes the quality of your life infinitely better? 

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Is Your Business Delivering The Lifestyle You Desire?

A recent survey of almost 2000 small to medium Australian businesses by Quest Newspapers has highlighted that 71% of business owners are in business because of lifestyle factors such as following their passion, creating better work/life balance and being their own boss.

More than 67% of SME owners are working more than 41 hours a week and more than one third work more than 51 hours a week.  This mismatch between intention and reality is often a source of unhappiness or distress for business owners.

As a business coach I spend a lot of time helping business owners achieve more of what they want in their business in a lot less time!  Here’s five simple steps that can make your business more joyful for you and more aligned with the original reasons you started the business!

  1. Develop an inspiring vision and focus on doing the things that will get you there.
  2. Know where you add the most value to the business. Focus on your strengths and what you are passionate about.
  3. Delegate or outsource the ‘$20’ jobs that you hate but do out of habit or your need to be in control.
  4. Create a culture that values work/life balance… starting with YOU!
  5. Focus on the important, rather than the urgent. Use your time wisely and schedule time for the important.
What is your best tip for maintaining work/life balance?  Share it below!

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How can your business become more rewarding?


Have you ever noticed how many people talk about business as being hard work, boring or too difficult?  Have you ever wondered what else was possible? 

Most people think business must be done in a ‘traditional’ way, where it is all very heavy and responsible.  What if you could function from a space where your business was joyful, creative and amazing – everyday? 
When I started my businesses I only had two criteria:  that I could make insane amounts of money and that I could have a really good time doing things I love…  Yes, it is possible, and here is one of my favourite ideas for creating a phenomenal business that works for you.

Have you decided that you are the business?  When a small business first starts, it is common to see the business owner being everything to everybody and suffering under the strain and stress!  Often this is a result of being under-capitalized or thinking that you ‘should’ be in control of everything.  So, what if you were willing to allow support to arrive from anywhere?  What if you choose to focus on your strengths?  Would you be a lot more productive?

Is it time for you to get creative in the ways that you attract support for your business.  Consider:  delegating, outsourcing, contra arrangements, networking, mastermind groups, coaches, mentors and most of all generating opportunities by being willing to ask “What else is possible?”…  

Rewarding synergies are created when we are willing to ask for help.  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!  What would it take to make your business phenomenally joyful?

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Finding Your Passion

It is oft said 'follow your passion and the money will come'  to those both wise and wayward enough to start their own business!  What if you can't choose?  What if you don't think your passion will earn enough?  What if it would stop being your passion if you did it for money? (now that is something to think about!!)

Randy Komisar from Standford University has some really insightful things to say about passion...enjoy!!

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Can I help you? a little more optimistic?

Image:  Flickr - Joyful Reverie - under Creative Commons licence

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  Have you really looked at the people around you lately?  Is there anyone that needs your support and encouragement?

One of the most amazing ways to cultivate optimism and hope in your own life is to lend a helping hand to someone else.

    Do you remember the last time someone offered to help you out… gave you some kind words…unexpectedly made a connection for you…?  How did it make you feel?  And, how much pleasure do you get from being able to help others?  

    Aren’t all of those feelings worth way more than spending your time worrying about money, the economy and what's 'wrong' with the world? 

    You can change how you feel daily just by being willing to care, being willing to risk that the person may reject your help, being willing to really look at how others around you are coping…  All of us have special gifts and talents – now is the time to share them!

    Our kindnesses often return to us in unexpected ways - spend your time looking for what you can give, rather than what you can get. You'll receive much more than you expect! 

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Money, Power and Empowerment - It's your choice!!

Money can’t buy happiness, but the lack of it sure can create misery! Watching the global economic meltdown and the many and varied responses to it over the past few months has started me thinking about how much of our power we give away to money – making it, spending it and losing it!

    The economic bubble has burst because the foundations were not solid – the unprecedented growth we have experienced in recent years has crashed because the underpinnings were lacking – in leadership, integrity and sustainability.  

    Keep stretching a rubber band and it will eventually break.  New structures now need to be built.  As intelligent business owners, we now have a phenomenal opportunity to participate in rebuilding an economy and a society with a different set of values.
For many people, the next twelve months will be a time of consolidation. As a business coach, I see many businesses still doing well, but there are plenty that aren’t. It is time for us to consider where our real power comes from. Do our economic circumstances (and our status symbols) really dictate who we are? Or is the source of our power (and empowerment!) within us?

It is easy to get caught up talking about the doom and gloom, or to feel depressed about what we have lost. It takes a lot more courage to make the decision that our outer circumstances are not going to control the quality of our lives. It takes conscious effort to decide that we are not going to waste our life or lose sleep worrying about the million and one ‘what if’s’ that could happen. It takes a strong sense of our own empowerment to reach out to others and help them through this difficult time.

Each one of us has a caring heart. Each one of us knows others who are doing it tougher than we are. Empowerment comes from within.What choices will you make today?

What is your biggest challenge as a small business owner? Share it in the comments section below. If you need to share more than just a comment, call the Revitalization Experts!

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