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What Is Beyond Meditation?


Do you meditate to keep yourself on track?  For many years whenever I negotiated my job conditions with a new employer, I also negotiated time to go to my weekly personal meditation session with my then mentor.  A lot of employers found it a little strange, but I never had anyone say no!!!

The funny thing was, despite my commitment to the meditation cause, meditation didn’t really ever work for me in the ways I hoped.  I spent hours a day meditating for many years and there was very little to show for it – I was still the world’s most incredible over-thinker… and I still did not have the space and peace that I desired.  

The Huffington Post talks about the daily habits of wealthy successful business leaders who use meditation and mindfulness techniques to superpower their capacities… that was my target with meditation too– until I became aware of even more creative, generative possibilities that took a lot less time and gave me a lot more ease.

Here’s the thing… meditation is designed to give your brain space.  To stop you thinking.  To have you just BE.  We have been presented with one basic way to meditate – sit still and empty your mind.  And while there are lots of variations to that theme, it just doesn’t work for some people.

Now I use other tools to create total space in my brain… and in my body… and these tools exponentialize my awareness far beyond anything I experienced with meditation.  I am happier, healthier and way more creative than I ever was when I was meditating.  Here’s why…     

  • I let go of having to use the ‘right’ process… and started to use what was actually working for me.
  • I found other variations of meditation that the purists would judge as ‘wrong’ – and yet they create a greater result for me.  I have more space, ease and peace now than I have ever had!
  • In discovering over 20 ways to create that space, I can have it wherever I am, whenever I need, without having to do something ‘significant’ to create it.  

Are you curious yet?  What if you had a toolbox that would allow you to create far beyond what most people imagine possible?  Here’s three things you can play with to see what works for you!!

  1. Move your body rhythmically – whether it be a run at lunchtime, a walk and talk meeting, or some stretches in a park.  Allowing your body to move and being totally present with your body will free up your mind!
  2. Ask questions.  My current  favourites are “What space can I be right now?  How much space can I be here?”  And you don’t even have to ask out loud – ask quietly in your head while everyone around you is losing theirs and you may be surprised at what shows up!!!
  3. BE present.  When we are present with what is, rather than what ‘should’ be, we tap into an awareness that is different to the busyness in our head.  What if you BE with what is and stop judging it?  Have you noticed how much head chatter is actually judgment of what is right or wrong?  What if it just is?  And what if you can contribute your presence and energy to creating something different… IF that is what you desire?

And know this… whatever works for you works for you… please stop trying to fit into other people’s realities around what works for them!   So many well-meaning people tell me I need to meditate.  I am grateful for their point of view.  AND I’m not going to buy it… what works for me right now is what works for me!!

Do you do something different than the ‘norm’ to create space, ease and peace?  What unexpected thing is it that superpowers your possibilities in business?  I would love to know!|

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10 Ways to Give Your Mojo a Boost


Many successful people come to a stage where they feel tired, unmotivated and missing that energy that made them successful in the first place.  Sometimes it is a result of a specific incident, more often it shows up out of the blue - the combination of a thousand small moments that weren't quite what our inner being truly desired!

Sound familiar?  Here's 10 quick, easy changes you can make that will give your mojo a boost:

  1. Do your work differently.  Look at it as if you have never done this task before and ask yourself how else could you do this to create a greater possibility?
  2. Start in the middle of a project instead of the beginning and see where it leads.  (Sometimes the unplanned leads to the greater possibility!!)
  3. Re-energise by having fun in your 10 minute breaks.  If you can't remember what is fun for you, the first thing to do is make a list of possibilities... add at least 3 things in each break until you have 50 ways to enjoy yourself in the moment.  (Hint:  more work should not be on the list!)
  4. Pretend you are six and see what you are doing as a six year old would - what could be different?
  5. Be or do something unexpected every day, so that the people around you get to see another side of you.  It keep's them on their toes (and keeps you entertained!)
  6. Stop meeting people's expectations unless it is joyful for you to make this contribution.
  7. See everything as an interesting point of view (rather than buying people's ideas as facts) and look at what YOU would like to choose.
  8. Ask the universe to show you catalysts for creating your work anew.
  9. Talk to people in different industries that inspire you.
  10. Be you!  So often we lose our mojo when we are busy being everything to everyone.  When you start to choose for you the magic can show up more often!

Having been through burnout a couple too many times, I am an expert in helping people get their mojo back...the ideas above represent some options on the practical side.  Each person is different and  I can also work with your energy. If you need a one-off energy-based session to get you aback on track please contact me!   By phone, skype or in person... depending on where you are!

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Care Factor?


This morning a friend sent me a text message saying she was in a café and could overhear a business coach chewing out a client.  Wow - I was more than a little surprised!!  I have never needed to add to a client's stress levels like that and I never will.

Yes, I do believe in tough love when appropriate.  If you ask me to hold you accountable I will – very clearly -  once we agree on the parameters.  But I would never do it in a way that is unkind or disrespectful to you as a person.  I care too much about my clients to behave like that, and I care too much about our planet to bring anger or frustration into my coaching.  What if our earth is erupting because there is so much anger everywhere and she just can't contain it anymore?  Do any of us who are aware and conscious truly need to add to that?

Caring takes a lot more courage than chewing someone out.  What contribution can you be to our beautiful world today? Every energy we create has an impact far wider than just the person we are talking to.  The frustrated energy that coach was splattering around that café was felt by many more people than just her unfortunate client. 

I am more and more mindful of how far energy flows and what my total contribution is to the entire planet - in every interaction I have - with clients, friends, foes,and people I see in living everyday...  So, here’s what you need to know if you choose to work with me:

  • Because I care, I will tell you when I feel you need to look at other options.
  • Because I care, I will find a way to show you when it’s time to step it up a bit and shine your light more brightly into the world.  
  • Because I care, I will tell you when I see greater possibilities for you than you can see right now.
  • Because I care, I will be very clear about what it will take for you to have a successful business, even if you don’t want to hear it.
  • Because I care, I will create the potential for you to discover the joy and bliss in your business, and sometimes, on the surface, that may not look like what you want it to!

Because I care, I will do this with humour, kindness and playfulness - not judgment, anger or frustration.  I will do it with sensitivity to where you are right now.  I will do it with awareness that you may not like me for a few moments because you weren’t expecting to hear what I have said (and I’ll never take offence, even if you do for a moment or so!!)

It’s this simple.  You need to care more than I do about your business.  If I found myself in a place where I had to chew you out over something, then I would be caring more for your business than you do.  If I ever find myself caring more than you about your business, then you need a different business or a different business coach.  (Of course, if you are one of those rare souls who love getting chewed out, it would be way easier for you to get a job and get paid for it, rather than paying a coach!)

Your business will thrive when you really really really desire thrival to show up.  When you make the demand of YOU to do whatever it takes!  I am here to mentor you, to contribute to you and to show you what is possible…what are you willing to receive?  What are you willing to contribute... to you, to your business, to the planet?

Love Your Work!

P.S. If this resonates with you, you are welcome to join us for the New Energies of Business events where we explore how we can change business consciously... or if you are looking for a business coach, you could enjoy a free 30 minute business coaching session to see if my business coaching style works for you!

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Interview: The Mojo of Flow. Making Life Work.

Would you like to listen to my recent interview with Suzi Dafnis from the Australian Business Women's Network? We are talking all things Mojo of Flow!

In this herBusiness podcast, I share :
  •  how we sometimes sabotage the flow in our own lives
  •  how we can superpower the way that life flows for ourselves
  •  and tips on how to get others to willingly support us to reach our goals.
Download your 20 minute podcast and Mojo of Flow tips here!

And if you would love some more free tips, please sign up for free book chapters and more here!

Love your work!

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Creating New Business Possibilities

Staying positive in business is about getting and staying unstuck! The easiest way to get unstuck is to create change in the area of “stuckness” – it doesn’t have to be the ‘right’ and perfect change… just enough change for us to see the situation differently!  At that point magic can happen!

When I’m stuck (yes it still happens occasionally!!) I like to ask… ‘What other possibilities could I consider here?’ and list at least ten.  If we are willing to have ease in our life and business, our choice can always be for change rather than challenge!

When you are choosing which of these new possibilities to play with, always go with the one that feels the lightest – it will have the most potential for creative change.  When something feels heavy it is usually a less than joyful choice for us.  So what would it take for you to choose to shift the energy of your business just by making different choices?  

Sometimes these choices look tiny but can swing big possibilities!  Sometimes choices that feel really big actually make little discernable difference.  (This is one time when size doesn’t matter!!!)  Be brave – when everything changes, you can change everything!!

Ask which choice will create the most possibilities for bliss and head in that direction.  It may look like a detour, but sometimes those less-travelled routes are far more scenic and enjoyable than we can ever imagine at the start of the journey.  

Here’s a few other questions that can create more possibilities in your life and business…

•   What would it take to change this?
•   What else is possible that I haven’t thought of yet?
•   Who can help me change this?
•   What would I change if I could change anything in the universe?
•   What possibilities have I not thought of yet?  What would it take to see these possibilities with clarity?

Scientist have proven that when a butterfly flaps its wings the changes are felt on the other side of the world… what are you willing to create and change today that can change your world?  It’s just a choice you know!!

(Sometimes it takes someone else to help us see these possibilities – if you want to harness some group energy in creating change – come play with us on the Gold Coast on October 19th – we’re creating a whole lot of new possibilities for all who attend!!)

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Influence: You’ve Got It!

Image Credit: Flickr_PhotoVandal

My dear friend and coaching client Wendy Mulder launched her new book ‘Learning From Grief’ today with great pizzazz and insight. I was truly honoured that Wendy chose me to MC this momentous occasion.   

Not only did I have a great time… not only was it a heartfelt privilege to promote Wendy’s phenomenal skills in this area… not only did I meet some amazing people who are following their bliss in life… I learned something today that will change my life, and quite possibly yours as well!  Here it is…

None of us is as small, as insignificant, as invisible or as inept as we pretend to ourselves that we are.

The flip side of this is that we all have far more influence over those around us than we are willing to recognize – me included!!  I discovered this when I realized that whilst I knew hardly anyone in the room, there were plenty of people who felt they ‘knew’ me – initially through Wendy sharing what we have contributed and generated together in bringing her book to life, and also through my Revive Business Coaching ezine.

One lady told me how much she enjoys the ezine and that she had shared the latest issue with friends.  This small piece of feedback took me by surprise because, until that moment, I had never actually acknowledged just how much influence such a simple tool could have.

Every time we offer something of ourselves to others, we can influence their life for better, for bliss or for worse… which one will you choose today?  And will you choose to stand up and be the real you – the one that other people see as phenomenal… the one that others look up to…. the one that inspires others and creates more possibilities for them?  Will you?

Because that’s what being a business owner really offers you… the possibility of making a contribution and a difference that matters... there are people out there who are looking for what you offer  - what would it take to gift to them the specialness you offer but never actually recognise?  Whether you see it or not… you have influence in places you never imagined.  You may not think you are ready for world domination… but the world is ready for you!  What are you waiting for???  Start a ripple effect...

Where will you start?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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Are You Unwinding Yourself Gently or Coming Undone?

Has the idea of work/life balance completely flown out the window? At this time of year it’s a common trap for business owners to go through a mad frenzy of doingness so that everything gets finished before Christmas.  Sound familiar?  Are you madly running around making everyone else happy at the moment?

In the process you get even more tired and cranky, you lose the joy of the season and the moment you go on holidays your body releases all its stresses by making you ill… it’s not that enticing right?

This year I’ve decided things will be different – I’m going to enjoy my holiday rather than recover from my crazy year… So, here’s 5 ways you can take the pressure off right now!

  1. Instead of doing everything now, do a big cleanup and write yourself a clear list of priorities for when you return  from holidays – you’ll go on holidays with a clear mind and a clean desk!
  2. Build in some ‘me time’ over the next week – what would nurture you?
  3. Say no to a few things instead of ‘shoulding’ all over yourself. Do you really have to…?
  4. Work at a more leisurely pace and be present with what you are doing… enjoy the moment and remember to breathe!
  5. Find at least 3 places you are being a perfectionist and be willing to set yourself a tight timeframe for finishing the task as well as possible, but maybe not as perfectly as you normally would – you’ll save hours!!
Want to be more productive in 2010?  Book your place at our first REVIVE Business Coaching Playshop for 2010: Prosperous Productivity will be held on Monday 15 February in Brisbane.

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Is your ‘to do’ list getting longer while your life gets shorter?

Over the past week I’ve been experimenting with my sweetheart in setting priorities.  Each morning we discuss/email our top 3 essential priorities for the day so that we can be more focused on what matters and more accountable for achieving results.  

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:
  • We both always have more than 3!
  • If there is one ‘biggie’ on the list everything else falls out the window.
  • Some things seem to spill over day after day.
  • A lot of things get done which aren’t even on the list!!
  • We are both still working crazy hours.
Something's not quite working here!! Do any of these challenges sound familiar?  In the interests of achieving more outcomes that matter I’m going to finetune the strategy... 

  1. Set timeframes for each item – once the allotted time is up, its time to move on – finished or not!  (That’s sure to make me really think about how realistic I’m being in my expectations!)
  2. Delegate more.  Between my PA/Marketing Assistant, the cleaner and the amazing Kay at HecticHelpers  I’m sure I could be doing a lot less stuff that chews my time for little strategic result!
  3. Put aside one hour a day to do ’10 minute jobs’ so that I get a heap of the essential smaller things done each day.
  4. Strike a better balance between the strategic and the operational – both matter!
  5. Include more downtime – I’m not productive when I’m tired!
Do you have any other ideas which really work for you?  Please share them here!

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Is Your Business Delivering The Lifestyle You Desire?

A recent survey of almost 2000 small to medium Australian businesses by Quest Newspapers has highlighted that 71% of business owners are in business because of lifestyle factors such as following their passion, creating better work/life balance and being their own boss.

More than 67% of SME owners are working more than 41 hours a week and more than one third work more than 51 hours a week.  This mismatch between intention and reality is often a source of unhappiness or distress for business owners.

As a business coach I spend a lot of time helping business owners achieve more of what they want in their business in a lot less time!  Here’s five simple steps that can make your business more joyful for you and more aligned with the original reasons you started the business!

  1. Develop an inspiring vision and focus on doing the things that will get you there.
  2. Know where you add the most value to the business. Focus on your strengths and what you are passionate about.
  3. Delegate or outsource the ‘$20’ jobs that you hate but do out of habit or your need to be in control.
  4. Create a culture that values work/life balance… starting with YOU!
  5. Focus on the important, rather than the urgent. Use your time wisely and schedule time for the important.
What is your best tip for maintaining work/life balance?  Share it below!

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How can your business become more rewarding?


Have you ever noticed how many people talk about business as being hard work, boring or too difficult?  Have you ever wondered what else was possible? 

Most people think business must be done in a ‘traditional’ way, where it is all very heavy and responsible.  What if you could function from a space where your business was joyful, creative and amazing – everyday? 
When I started my businesses I only had two criteria:  that I could make insane amounts of money and that I could have a really good time doing things I love…  Yes, it is possible, and here is one of my favourite ideas for creating a phenomenal business that works for you.

Have you decided that you are the business?  When a small business first starts, it is common to see the business owner being everything to everybody and suffering under the strain and stress!  Often this is a result of being under-capitalized or thinking that you ‘should’ be in control of everything.  So, what if you were willing to allow support to arrive from anywhere?  What if you choose to focus on your strengths?  Would you be a lot more productive?

Is it time for you to get creative in the ways that you attract support for your business.  Consider:  delegating, outsourcing, contra arrangements, networking, mastermind groups, coaches, mentors and most of all generating opportunities by being willing to ask “What else is possible?”…  

Rewarding synergies are created when we are willing to ask for help.  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!  What would it take to make your business phenomenally joyful?

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