What would it take for your business to become phenomenal?

Are you an aspiring small business owner or solopreneur?

 A free small business workshop for aspiring small business owners, micropreneurs and solopreneurs who are looking for support in getting started will be held in Brisbane at 6pm on Thursday 6 November 2008.   

REVIVE Coaching is offering this seminar to assist people who are keen to start a small businesses to be able to take those first brave steps with ease.  Register online at www.revivecoaching.com.au/newbiz  or call Lisa Murray on 0404 063 513 for more information.

REVIVE Business Coaching specializes in practical support for aspiring small business owners.  New small business owners often need independent support to set clear directions, create an initial injection of customers or find the ideal business idea and develop it into a profitable business strategy. REVIVE Business Coaching helps enhance profitability and improve the lives of small business owners.

Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Great    at what you do but need help running or expanding your business? Or just starting    a business and want support?


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