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Revive Yourself - How to Get Focused Fast!

 Often as small business owners, we have so much happening in our business and our life that we almost forget to breathe! As a small business coach, I recommend to my clients that they revitalize their energy by simply becoming conscious and present in the moment.

Being conscious indicates you are acting with awareness of your environment, you are awake, you are acting with intention, you are mindful. In other words, you are present in the here and now.

Being present has three major advantages: firstly, you'll hear your intuition more clearly. Secondly, what you desire will come to you because you're actually here to receive it. Lastly, you'll escape from the pressures of overwhelm and overdrive as you will be living only in this moment - not in the hours, days, weeks or months ahead! Remember, your life happens in each moment - make the most of it. At the risk of being morbid, you don't know if it will be your last!

Therefore, in the moments when overwhelm threatens to send you over the edge, it can be very helpful to take just a few minutes to do something which will bring you back to awareness of the present moment... Here are my top seven tools for becoming present right now.

  1. Breathe deeply for 10 - 15 breaths, do nothing except notice what is happening in your body - if it hurts anywhere, breathe into those spots to release the tension.
  2. Concentrate on some slow, meditative music to enjoy a rest from thinking. Music can make you happy!
  3.  If your 'small business owner' mindchatter will not leave you alone, carry a notebook and just keep writing everything into it. The more you put on paper, the less your mind will need to keep thinking about it. You can summarise the good ideas at the end of each week and schedule them for action.
  4. To feel a sense of achievement, focus on just one idea, one email, one person, one meeting, one project at a time, and give it quality time. Multi-tasking is a productivity myth which only keeps you away from being in the moment!
  5. Take a meandering walk around the block. Look out for butterflies, beautiful flowers and carefree smiles from small children.
  6. Clear clutter. All that 'stuff' might still be there, but if it is not right in front of you it is much easier to focus on what's important...
  7. Immerse yourself in a relaxing warm bath using 100% pure essential oils. Add a calming blend: 4 drops each of chamomile and rose, lie back and relax!
When I am coaching small business owners, I often find that they have become so busy doing that they are not living (or being) the idyllic life they set up the business to achieve. If you desire to enjoy the benefits of living in the present moment, then fast does not always equal fabulous! What else can you do to ensure you enjoy each and every moment? Breathing in.... breathing out.....slowly...!

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About Lisa Murray:
Lisa Murray is a peak performance strategist. Her passion is helping small business owners (and aspiring owners) to effortlessly overcome their limitations and challenges. She specialises in helping small business owners create the life and business of their dreams through the use of fast, simple and effective techniques which encompass wellbeing, mindset, management, marketing and business strategy. Lisa has recently got her life back after completing an MBA in entrepreneurship  and has coached hundreds of small business owners throughout her career.

Lisa's most recent book is "Living an Abundant Life - Inspirational Stories From Entrepreneurs", is co-authored with self-development greats such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch and others! Sign-up for more great small business coaching tips at www.revivecoaching.com.au

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