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Secrets To Developing An Elevator Pitch That Resonates

 If you only had 30 seconds to describe your company, what it offers and why the prospect in front of you should be interested enough to find out more, what would you say?

A 30 second radio commercial or tv commercial mostly takes a ‘talk at you’ approach.  An elevator pitch is a personalized approach which is aimed at engaging the prospect in a conversation – whether in person, in print or online.

The basic building blocks of an elevator pitch usually include the following:
You know how some (your target customer)...
Experience (the problem or challenge)...
Which means that they can’t / have to (the outcome of the problem)...
Well I can (your job/product/service)...
Which helps them to (the solution)...
The benefit is that they can (the outcome of the solution)...
Would you like to know more?
A 30 second elevator pitch is around 75 words.  Sometimes you’ll get the chance to share for a whole 60 seconds!  Whatever your time-frame – be prepared! A 30 second example for REVIVE Coaching could be:

You know how some small business owners are so busy being everything to everybody?  And then they get overwhelmed, overworked and too burnt out to see what’s really needed in their business?  Well I teach small business owners to use proven business first aid techniques to solve their biggest challenges and achieve more in their business.  They succeed faster and easier by creating alignment between their life and business.  Would you like to know more?
Now that’s okay as an elevator pitch, and would get me out of trouble in the dark!  But if we want our elevator pitch to really work hard for us, then we are wise to consider Seth Godin’s advice on storytelling:

“Start with the truth. Identify the worldview of the people you need to reach. Describe the truth through their worldview. That's your story… The challenge isn't just to tell the truth. It's to tell truth that resonates.”

Telling a true story that resonates brings your elevator pitch to a whole new level. And, if you want the opportunity to talk more, or to make a second meeting, or to attract investment….you’ll need to up the ante on your elevator pitch.  So, you ask, how do I make my pitch resonate?

Here are seven techniques for creating the dulcet tones of elevator pitch resonance in one sentence or less…

1.    Compare your product/service to something familiar, but demonstrate why yours is better.
2.    Be passionate, show understanding of your business, and create a magic ‘AHA’ moment.
3.    Be unforgettable: deliver an unusual perspective that highlights a core benefit.
4.    Keep it fresh – inject something relevant and topical.
5.    Know and define what sets your service or product apart from competitors.
6.    Be flexible – know who you are talking to and target their specific needs.
7.    Be specific and results focused ‘What have you done for your clients lately?’ (Without breaking confidences!)

I didn’t say it was easy!  But time invested in creating a resonant elevator pitch will pay for itself many times over. If in doubt, work on your pitch with a mentor or business coach and then practice it everywhere you go! Once your elevator pitch will resound with clarity through any hall of fame you take it into, consider how you can leverage your pitch beyond your personal contacts:

+ Use your elevator pitch as an audio introduction on your web home page;
+ Tell your intriguing (short) story on your business card;
+ Create a 30 – 60 second video that can be used on CD’s for direct mail to prospective clients, as eye candy at trade show displays, as a viral video (if your content is captivating enough!) or simply post it on video sites such as YouTube and Google Video.
+ Use a variation of your pitch for professional investors, prospective employees, media etc.
+ Twitter devotees: create a TwitPitch - condense your elevator pitch into Twitter's 140 character maximum. Be brief, be relevant and be intriguing!   

Just for fun, here’s an example of a TwitPitch:  
First aid for burnt-out business owners-Remove constraints-Review directions-Resuscitate profits-Revive you http://www.ReviveCoaching.com.au
That’s 140 characters and 15 words! How quickly and clearly did you get the message?  Could your TwitPitch be your fortune cookie? 

About Lisa Murray:
Lisa Murray is a peak performance strategist. Her passion is helping small business owners (and aspiring owners) to effortlessly overcome their limitations and challenges. She specialises in helping small business owners create the life and business of their dreams through the use of fast, simple and effective techniques which encompass wellbeing, mindset, management, marketing and business strategy. Lisa has recently got her life back after completing an MBA in entrepreneurship  and has coached hundreds of small business owners throughout her career.

Lisa's most recent book is "Living an Abundant Life - Inspirational Stories From Entrepreneurs", is co-authored with self-development greats such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch and others! Sign-up for more great small business coaching tips at www.revivecoaching.com.au

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