What would it take for your business to become phenomenal?

Blissful Businesses for Practitioners and Technicians

  Many practitioners and technicians love what they do but hate the ‘business’ side of their business. 

Has it ever occurred to you that YOU are the solution?  When you create your business to be joyful and fun for you, your profits will rise, you will be doing what you are best at and your business will be managed effectively!  Sounds impossible... but all it takes is a little know-how and a willingness to do what it takes!

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls  Joseph Campbell
What if you could spend your time doing stuff you love?  What if you could get paid for being magnificent at what you do?  What if you never had to do the stuff you hate again?  Would that make your life and work more blissful?

Practitioners and technicians are often outstanding at what they do - they are masterful at delivering results for their clients... but when it comes to managing the business there is a common set of 'symptoms' that the business isn't delivering on its capacity...  If you have a sneaky peak at your business when no-one is looking do you find any of the following?

  • Bookwork in disarray and invoices not paid on time. 
  • Feast or famine cycles when it comes to getting clients.
  • Your website looks like a dog's breakfast from last century.
  • You know you should do more marketing but really that's no fun!
  • You are the chief cook and bottlewasher... there's no-one to delegate to, no-one to support you and its a little lonely at times!
  • You have lots of very cool ideas but at best they get half implemented because you run out of time.
  • You love what you do but its not making you any more money than a hobby would!
  • .... fill in your own special blanks!
If you are working like this, your business isn't working for you... unless you change it, you would be better off working for an employer who takes care of the business end.  The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way!  Once you understand what your gifts are and how to fill in the blanks (and that does not always mean having lots of staff!) you'll find your business runs smoothly and you can immerse yourself in being the outstanding practitioner or technician that you are!

You’ve come to the right place!
Would you like to see your problems and challenges as your gifts?  Happiness and fulfillment arrive when you start moving towards solutions that work for you.  Remember that feeling of relief that you get when you can clearly see the answers to the constraints in your life or business?  That’s the result that working with a specialist business coach and mentor will achieve!  You can have your business success - your way!  Would you like to have way more joy and ease in your business?  As your business coach and mentor I'll help you achieve that!

Whether you need to regain some balance and perspective, regenerate your profitability, revitalize yourself, or more... REVIVE Business Coaching can help you reinvent your business and get focused on enhancing profitability and improving your life as a small business owner.

Call Lisa Murray on 0404 063 513 during Australian business hours to book a FREE 30 minute introductory consultation or email me anytime.  I love to talk business!

Business coaching with Lisa Murray is available face to face in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and by skype everywhere else!

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